My name is Filipe Oto Medeiros and I hope you enjoy my work. I’m a cross-platform creative with knowledge and experience in various mediums and disciplines. But this website is meant to give you a sense of my visual style and capabilities in regards to digital content and branding.

If my work seems fashion-heavy, that's because I was the in-house creative at MADE for over 3 years. Eventually becoming the Associate Creative Director of brand marketing and partnership content post the company’s acquisition by WME/IMG from Milk Studios. While at MADE I was fortunate to work with many great brands and got to discover and collaborate with magnificent talent.

As a freelancer I'm an art & creative director, motion and graphic designer, producer, and brand consultant. With the rise of mobile marketing and the general cultural shift, my work is meant to be captivating and attention grabbing ~ as it tends to live in short-span platforms cluttered with competing content.

As the creative director of DEUX HARD, I'm looking to connect brands with their ideal creatives or creative teams. I’m always eager for new, different, and exciting opportunities and collaborations, so please don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail with any questions, ideas, offers, or even just love. Anyway, let's connect! ...and of course, do something great!


Here are some brands I've created content for or in partnership with